Exotic Weave Wide Front Thai Hill Tribe Karen Silver Ring

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Genuine Karen hill tribe silver woven skillfully to form this exotic ring design. At 99-percent pure silver, Karen silver is more malleable and easier to bend. The face of the ring is made using an elaborate weave technique which will add an alluring tribal accent to any outfit.

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The Karen tribe is the largest hill tribes across Thailand. Thai Karen silver is between 99.5 percent and 99.9 percent pure silver. Karen silver has higher silver content then Sterling Silver thus making the material easy to bend and shape into forms. The hand-hammered and chiseled details are unique trademark of the Karen hill tribe and show that each piece has been formed by the hands of skilled Karen craftsmen.

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SKU: PR-0390-10
Condition: New
Size: 10
Metal: Thai Karen 0.925-0.99 Fine Silver
Finish: Satin
Style: Fashion, tribal
Weight: 10.5 grams
Design Measurements: 27mm (1.06") wide
Band Measurement: slim to 8 mm
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