Beautiful Marcasite Flower Vine Sterling Silver Ring

  • $32.99

A tangle of ornate vines feature marcasite accented blossoms and tendrils of sterling silver featuring oxidized contrasts. This ring is crafted in the Thailand workshop of expert silversmith Khun [ARTISAN] who only works with high purity sterling silver (92.5%). This ring is essential for mature socialites and urban sophisticates and pairs well with work attire and evening wear. An immediate statement of elegance to any wearer's finger.

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Artisan Kai is a young and talented jewelry designer from Thailand who loves his work. His designs are a unique mix of modern style with influences from all over the world. It’s hard to put a label on his designs, other than they are handcrafted and beautiful. Kai owns his own jewelry store on the east side of Bangkok where he manages a small team of talented artisans. They work together to produce his unique designs and we are excited to share their work with all of you.

“My name is Kai and I was born in Bangkok in 1988. After graduating college, I struggled to find my true calling. My first job was at a bank, but I disliked it. I was never good at math, so the thought of counting money all day was horrible. It was my wife, Kathy, who motivated me to start creating jewelry. She wanted me to do something creative because she knew that was what I was good at. My first workshop was in our humble apartment, where I took over the living room. I was using the sofa as a work bench and the space was full boxes and jewelry. She never complained and supported me always. So, when I was able to save enough to open my very own store, the first thing I did was to give her the living room of her dreams. She decorated it exactly like she wanted. For her I am thankful, and she is the inspiration for me and my life’s work.”


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SKU: MR-0008-9
Condition: New
Size: 9
Metal: Sterling Silver
Finish: Anti-Tarnish
Style: Marcasite, Daily
Weight: 5.3 grams
Gemstone: Genuine Marcasite
Design Measurements: 20mm (0.79") wide x 30mm (1.18") long
Band Measurements: 2mm thick
Trademark: Stamped 925
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