Cute MOP Curvy Flower Strling Silver Pendant

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~* Cute *~


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Please note that pictures are not true to size, see dimension for actual size.

Conversion: 1 inch = 25.4 millimeter


Artisan Supchay is from the city of Nhong Kai, located in northeastern Thailand, which is close to the border with Laos. His parents were humble rice farmers who worked very hard to send him to university in Bangkok. Supchay would often practice the art of wood carving. He would make his own toys out of wood, which fostered his imagination and creativity. His first job after graduating college was working for a large silver jewelry firm in Bangkok. This is where he learned his craft and after 10 years with the company, he decided to open his own store. His pieces feature sterling silver with a mix of shells, pearls, and semi-precious stones. We here at AeraVida think his designs are a unique blend of Thai culture with modern influences, which makes for beautiful handcrafted jewelry that you will love to wear.

“Hello, I am Supchay and I love to make things that are beautiful. I look to nature for inspiration, from the small insects that live close to the river to the beautiful lotus flower, nature holds many beautiful secrets. I like to discover these secrets and transform them into unique jewelry that you can wear. I am thankful for this opportunity with AeraVida, who have opened a large door to my company. With this partnership, I will be able to support my family and take care of my loved ones. Each piece that I sell brings me closer to my goal of providing a better life for my family.”


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Condition: New
Color: Blue MOP
Metal: Solid Sterling Silver
Finish: Anti Tarnish
Style: Flower Daily
Weight: 3.0 grams
Gemstone: Genuine MOP in Light Blue
Overall Measurements: 20mm (0.79") wide x 28mm(1.10") long total
Bail Opening Measurements: 5mm x 6mm
Trademark: Stamped 925
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