Mighty Eagle Head Celtic Weave Sterling Silver Pendant

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This unique sterling silver eagle head pendant was handcrafted by local artisan Kamjorn. The might eagle head is embellished with Celtic patterns which symbolizes the connectivity and strength in nature.


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Artisan Kamjorn is from the city of Bangkok and loves the bustle of the big city. He started his career working for a large firm that specialized in silver metallurgy, which is the science of extracting silver from various ores. He soon gained a love for silver and the beauty that it possessed. This inspired him to make a life changing decision, so he quit his job and opened his own workshop from his home. After years of practice, he has perfected his own technique for creating beautiful jewelry and he has turned that skill into a successful business. His intricate designs showcase his skill and talent as a silversmith.

“Silver is a wonderful medium and I have always been drawn to its beauty. This business was not my first choice as a career, but I am much happier now because I love what I do. I can express my creative side and that is what truly makes me happy. I am grateful to be working with Aeravida because they allow me to reach a larger market for my jewelry. I am honored to have you wear my creations and I hope wearing them brings you happiness.” -Kamjorn

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SKU: PP-0293-0
Condition: New
Metal: Solid Sterling Silver
Finish: Shiny, polished
Style: Animal lover, celtic knots, fashion
Weight: 2.2 grams
Overall Measurements: 20mm (0.79 inch) wide x 35mm (1.38 inch) long
Bail Opening Measurement: 4mm x 5mm
Trademark: Stamped 925
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