Modern Rectangle Bar Fashion Label Tag .925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

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Like a gleaming clothing tag at an upscale boutique, these modern artistic earrings feature a solid plate of sterling silver .925 upon a polished hook. Handcrafted by one of the best village artisans in Thailand, Khun Katsaya has made these powerful pieces for decades.

Please note that pictures are not true to size, see dimension for actual size.


Like many of the other artisans who have partnered with us at AeraVida, artisan Katsaya comes from the northern city of Chang Mai, which is considered by many as the epicenter for handcrafted goods and sterling silver jewelry in Thailand. Working with fine silver is part of the culture in Chang Mai and Katsaya’s family has been doing it for generations. She learned the art of metalworking from her father and uncle, who were both talented silversmiths. She designs all of the jewelry for the family business, which her father and uncle started. Katsaya is very proud to be carrying the family business into the future and to keep it prosperous. Through hard work and determination, she can comfortably provide the best for her family.

“I was raised in the fine jewelry business and I learned so much from my father and uncle. They were my role models growing up and I feel blessed to be carrying on the traditions they passed down to me. I have never considered what I do as work, but more of a passion and a way of life. I love to design original pieces that reflect the beauty of Thai culture, which I can then share with the world through my partners at AeraVida.”


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SKU: PE-0235-0
Condition: New
Metal: Sterling silver
Finish: Shiny, polished
Style: Daily, simple, fashion, hook, dangling
Weight: 2.9 grams
Design Measurements: 5 mm (0.2 in) wide x 35 mm (1.38 in) long (including hook)
Earring Type: Pierced dangle earrings
Closure: Fish hooks
Trademark: Stamped 925
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