Exotic Blue Turquoise Flower Clip On Earrings

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A bundle of cultured freshwater pearls burst into an iridescent spectacle reflecting light and creating a dazzling aura upon it's wearer. Crafted in the Thai workshop of Khun Naree, these earrings are meticulously pieced together with jewelry wire and rest upon a stainless steel setting. These clip on earrings are perfect for a formal or dressy occasion and add a taste of class and sophistication to any ensemble.

PLEASE NOTE - The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design, sizing and weight. Variations will occur from piece to piece, measurements may vary slightly.


Artisan Lai has been making jewelry since she was 10 years old, she is the product of a family of jewelry makers that goes back for many generations. Her designs feature intricate floral influences with beautiful and vibrant colors. Lai loves playing with different materials and shapes, such as using freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and crystal beads in creative ways. Making for truly original jewelry designs that you are sure to love as much as we do.

“My name is Lai and come from a long line of artisans, for which I am grateful because they have passed on the tradition to me. I learned jewelry making from my mother, who was able to earn a good living with her designs. She worked very hard making and selling jewelry to provide for our family and this is why she is my inspiration. I inherited her attention to detail, so I take care to make sure each piece is perfect. I love taking from natural designs, especially flowers. The beauty found in a flower or a tree is amazing to me, so I try to follow what nature has perfected.”


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SKU: ES-0363-BTQ
Condition: New
Color: Turquoise
Material: Stainless steel, jewelry wire
Style: Handmade, clip on, flowers
Stone: Reconstructed turquoise
Weight: 20.4 grams
Overall measurements: 33 mm (1.30 inches) Diameter
Closure: Clip on
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