Lovable Couple Face to Face Elephant Sterling Silver Bracelet Cuff

  • $89.99

Artisan Kung from Thailand skillfully crafted this delightful animal themed cuff bracelet. The bracelet is set in sterling silver and features adorable elephants facing one another. Elephants are revered as symbols of good fortune, wisdom, and longevity in many cultures.

Please note that pictures are not true to size, see dimension for actual size.


Artisan Yuu is the younger sister of another featured artist here at AeraVida, that being artisan Kung. Working as an apprentice for her older sister, Yuu learned the process of designing jewelry at a very young age. She has just recently opened her own jewelry shop in Bangkok, where she has assembled a very talented team of artists who help her create the pieces that she designs. Like her big sister, Yuu loves using sterling silver but likes to experiment with different materials. Various native stones or colorful seashells are used to enhance her pieces. We love Yuu’s unique touch of style, which is a mix of trendy designs with splashes of vibrant color.

“Hello, I am Yuu and I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I knew that I loved designing jewelry at an early age, that’s when I started working with my older sister Kung making jewelry. It was a family affair and we would often talk for hours about different styles and what trends we liked. My designs feature a combination of many things, but mostly the way I use color makes my pieces different. I like using shells and stones to add a splash of color. As I have grown older, my designs have matured as well. I put a little piece of me in each design, so I hope you really enjoy wearing my jewelry.”


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SKU: PC-0003-0
Condition: New
Metal: Sterling Silver
Finish: Rhodium, Oxidized
Style: Daily
Weight: 23.8 grams
Cuff Width: 13 mm (0.51 in) wide
Measurements: Adjustable from 6.75 inches up to 7 inches
Trademark: Stamped 925
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