Tropical and Exotic Inlaid Sea Shell Mosaic Bangle Bracelet


Inspired by the tropical and beachy vibe found in the Philippine Islands, this dazzling bracelet is constructed with natural sea shells. This beautiful handmade piece features square cut pieces of shell that form a mosaic tile of sparkle. This piece looks amazing when light shines on it! A creative bangle bracelet from the workshop of designers Evoynne and Sheila from the Philippines. A natural piece of the sea shore that will surely add an exotic and tropical feel to any outfit.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, minor differences in design, sizing and weight will occur from piece to piece. The exact measurements may vary slightly. Pictures may not be true to scale, please check the dimensions for the actual size.


Color:Green tone
Style:Handmade, bangle
Material:Natural shells
Gemstone:Natural shells
Bracelet Width:20 mm (0.79 inch) wide
Weight:36.5 grams
Inside Measurement:8 inch long
Clasp Type:Continous, Bangle

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About the Artist


Yvonne and Sheila are two young and charismatic sisters who love Cebu Island, Philippines where they are from. Yvonne and Sheila began designing and producing handmade jewelry that focused on using native and beachy material such as unique shells, pearls, wood, beads and coral scattered across the sands. Yvonne and Sheila truly enjoy creating beautiful, unique, and native jewelry.

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